AGM 5th October 2019

McClintock Hall, Balfron


Jennifer Park - Chair

Ruth Ronald - Treasurer

Vikki Richardson - Secretary and administrator

Sara Greig - Safeguarding Officer

Leanne Wishart - Head coach

Charis MacLean - Head coach

Anne Shore

Jennifer Gingles

Anna Mair

Kim Kinnear


Election of committee members

Ruth Ronald is happy to remain Treasurer.

Sara Greig is happy to stay remain Safeguarding Officer.

Jennifer Park will resign as Chair and Anna Mair was nominated as Chair by Ruth Ronald and seconded by Jennifer Park.

Vikki Richardson will resign as secretary and remain as administrator.  Anne Shore was nominated as Secretary by Ruth Ronald and seconded by Jennifer Park.

Kim Kinnear was nominated by Jennifer Park as fundraising coordinator and seconded by Ruth Ronald.


Chair Person Report



Gymnasts competed in the Cumbernauld and Kilsyth Floor and Vault competitions with many individual and team medals won.  There was no club comp this year due to the uncertainty around coaches.



Welcome Leanne and Charis as joint head coaches.  Kirsty and Chloe left in April with Leanne and Charis taking over in May.  Georgia is currently our only qualified level one coach.  Vikki and Carmen failed their level one exams last year.  Carmen is resitting soon but Vikki has given up on the basis that she has too many other responsibilities at the moment.  She sends her apologies and will continue with the admin.  Iain is also sitting his level one exam soon.  Ella has joined us as relief coach and will start her level one training as soon as she turns 16 in December.  Fraser doesn’t want to commit to the level one coaching program now as he is finding it difficult to juggle the time with his golfing commitments but may self fund the level one course.


New Classes

We have added a 9.30-10.30am class on the Saturday timetable for 5-6 year olds and a new mini squad for budding squad gymnasts.  Thursday classes are back! 


There are 104 recreational gymnasts, 27 development gymnasts and 20 squad gymnasts.



Current class fees are:

1 hour class - £5

2 hour class - £7.50

3 hour class - £10


Hall fees are £20 per hour plus VAT. 


Coaches fees are: 

Head Coach x 2 - £38

Level 1 x 3 - £27


Saturday running cost =

Hall hire 8 x £20                = £160 + VAT = £192

Coaches fees(2 head coaches and 3 level 1s)  = £520

TOTAL = £712

Thursday running cost =

                Hall hire 3.5 x £20 = £70 + VAT = £84

                Coaches fees (1 head coach and 2 level 1s) = £140

TOTAL = £224

Weekly admin, insurance and servicing costs approximately £100.


Taking admin, servicing and insurance costs into account If all rec classes were at capacity we could be running slightly in profit, at the moment with these figures we are running at loss.

After discussion surrounding fees it was decided that the development and squad gymnasts fees should be increased proportionally more than recreation classes.  As of term 2 in 2019/20 our fees will increase to:

£5.25 for 1 hour classes

£8 for 2 hour classes

£12 for 3 hour classes

SGA have also increased yearly membership fee by £2 per year across the board.  Propose to increase our membership fee too as our fee covers the SGA fee.



Vikki has started to create an app for the coaches to assist in assessing gymnasts.  This will not be available to parents without considerable cost to the club, but reports can be sent at the end of each term with relative ease once the system is up and running.  Currently working on content with the head coaches.

Anna Mair suggested creating a form asking if gymnasts want assessed when they start - only assess those gymnasts who wish to be rather than all gymnasts will help coaches.

Summer Sessions

This year we trialled half day blocks.  Recreation gymnasts in the morning and Development gymnasts in the afternoon.  The sessions were £15 per gymnast and capped at 12 gymnast per session with one head coach and one level one coach.  Classes were held on 3 dates over the summer.  None of the sessions were fully booked.  Over the 3 dates there was a possible 72 spaces.  Only 43 of the spaces were taken.  This was a loss of £474 for the club.  Questionnaire to go out to members asap asking for summer sessions preference.  Charis may be available during the week if this is possible and Vikki will ask Craig if the hall is available at any times during the week in the summer weeks.


Foam Pit

We now have foam.  Bought from another source as the original Cheer and Dance Inspired company have gone into liquidation.  Future large payments from the club should be made on a credit card if possible to ensure we have some sort of payment protection.   Foam storage to be looked at.



With a recent false fire alarm going off at the school concerns were raised as to insurance for our equipment held at the school.  Vikki is currently seeking prices for £20000 worth of cover and will report back.


Treasurers Report

It has been a fairly steady year given the uncertainty around coaches.  We made a very small loss of £85 which can be put down to having had no club comp and no Thursday sessions.

Head Coaches Report



It was highlighted that the equipment needs checked and maintained.  Sports - safe is used by Active Stirling and Vikki will check with them on prices etc,  Gymnova provided the equipment and she will ask them about a maintenance contract too. 

The Vault - top is shiny and at some point could possibly become unsafe.  Using chalk at the moment but we need a new vault.  Can we get a new top while we fundraise?   Vikki and Leanne to investigate this.  Beam clips needed.  Ruth is going to look at that.

Development of gymnasts.  A floor beam and bars are required to assist with confidence for the gymnasts.  Buy it from the reserves just now.  On credit card so warranty is there.  Agreed and these will be purchased asap.



Charis raised the issue of risk assessment for coaches covering rules and responsibilities and in service training of the coaches.  Charis to get Vikki a copy of the template and Sara would be happy to tie in with safeguarding for all that.



Gymnasts entering and exiting the gym is becoming a bottleneck problem.  This has been raised by more than one parent.  Sara going to speak to SGA and work out if we need a sign in sheet and if not - just use a sign out sheet.  Different coloured clipboards should be purchased and can we ask class reps to take on the responsibility of checking gymnasts in and out?

It would make more sense to use one door for entering in and the other door for exiting.  All parents must come into the gym to collect their gymnasts unless the gymnasts are 12 or over whereby written agreement must be provided by the parents to allow gymnasts to leave the hall alone. 


Club Competitions

Leanne and Charis don’t have a huge amount of experience with competitions and would like to start with an internal club competition working up to an invitational as soon as possible which will provide extra fundraising opportunities for the club.



Mclaren high are doing a schools comp and we have the opportunity to go along and promote the club. Anna is looking into creating a promotional brochure.


Christmas Display

It was decided the Christmas display would be on 21st December - the last day of term.  Older gymnasts will be in attendance all day to help and display for the younger gymnasts.


Outside Competitions

Allander comp 8th Dec

Central comp 15th Dec

All competing gymnasts should wear a competition leotard.  Gymnasts will be asked to donate old letoards for fundraising and recycling purposes. 



Kim Kinnear will take control of fundraising with the help of the committee.  Scrunchies to be sourced by Kim for sale.  Ideas needed for fundraising for a new vault

Birthday Parties

We have been asked about hosting birthday parties.  The only possible day will be a Sunday if the hall is free.  Leanne and Charis are happy to host these.  Central Gymnastics charge £10 pp for parties with a minimum of 8 gymnasts.  This would be a sensible starting place for us.  Anna will investigate invitations and is happy to volunteer help with birthday parties.


Any Other Business

Jennifer Park raised the issue of equipment being put away.  Coaches are finding it difficult to find the time at the end of the day, especially on a Thursday.   Can volunteers come in and help?   Email will be sent to all parents of the later classes to ask.

Photo of what it looks like for parents.

Ruth Ronald asked if Anna Milne is able to come in and volunteer.  Charis raised the issue that, at the moment, unqualified coaches are being paid and felt this was unfair.  Most other clubs do not pay any unqualified coaches.  If current helpers are not at least booked on to a course by Christmas another meeting will be required to decide how to go ahead.  Anna Milne is welcome to come along as a volunteer.